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By Amy Carter

By now everyone should know that you’re supposed to say ‘thank you.’ And there is no nicer way to say it than with a well-written thank-you not. Not an email, not a text message, an honest-to-goodness handwritten thank-you note is appropriate for almost any situation. If you don’t already know how to write one, I’ve got a few tips for you.

The note itself

Keep a stash of thank-you notes handy. If you have to go out and buy one each time you need one, you’re less likely to do it. Having notes on-hand makes it easy to jot down a quick – but thoughtful – note of thanks. You don’t need a full size sheet of paper but a smaller folded card works wonderfully. You’ll be surprised at how far a note like this will go for your hostess or gift giver.

Social and personal thank-you notes

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Sending a note to your host or hostess or gift-giver should be done as soon as possible. Get your note in the mail the next day if you can. Your note doesn’t have to be poetry. You just need a few sentences that are meaningful. Thank them for the gift or party, let them know how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness and suggest you get together again soon. You really only need three or four sentences to get your point across and make a nice impression. You don’t have to get too detailed or specific. And you don’t have to go on about the many uses of the gift or the details of the party. Keep it short and sweet and you’ll do the trick nicely.

Corporate thank you

A well-worded and timely thank-you note is just as important in business as it is in your social life. Your business relationships are important, so take time to compose a thank-you and you won’t regret it. You don’t need to be ‘all business’ in your corporate thank-you, but you do need to be professional. Thank them for their help, hard work, gift, etc., make sure they know that you enjoyed working with them (or continue to enjoy working with them) and look forward to working together again soon. A thank-you note to your boss/superior can follow the same format. While you should stay away from gushing phrases like ‘you’re the best boss ever’ I would mention how much you enjoy working for the company. Letting your boss know that you are grateful and happy is fitting for just almost any occasion.

Wedding thank you

Once you’re married and back from your honeymoon, you should really take time to sit down and write out your thank-you notes. Don’t stress, it can be easy. Stick to the social thank-you above and you’ll be fine. ‘Thank you for the gift. We are already using it. We love it. We hope we can get together at such and such event soon. Thank you again. Love, the newlyweds.’ This is not a template, but merely a suggestion. Timing is also very important. I’ve heard rumors that brides are allowed up to one year to send a thank-you not. Frankly, I think this is a little long. Take a few minutes to compose a note as soon as you can and your gift-giver will be so happy to hear that you’re enjoying your gift.

A thank-you note is an easy but important gesture. Personally anytime I can open mail that is not just or a bill, it makes me smile. Your thank-you note can be unexpected and just might brighten up the recipient’s day. And let’s face it, sending a thank-you note is the right thing to do.

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