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Dollhouse Furniture Rooms, So many to choose from, so little time


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There are some great options with dollhouse furniture. Many selecitons and it seems endless posiblities.

Laundry and Sewing Dollhouse Furniture

Laundry and sewing rooms are really fun to add to your dollhouse because they get a lot of attention Laundry rooms usually imply a more current time; sewing rooms are a little more old-worldly picturesque. Both allow you to place a few accessories in your home (such as a box of thread or an ironing board) that will delight anyone who sees them

Office and Library Dollhouse Furniture

Whether your dollhouse is old-fashioned or ultra-modern, elegantly Victorian or enchantingly down-to-earth, the library or office really showcases the era you are emulating. Adding a small amount of accessories, such as a few classic books or an ornamental globe, go a long way in this room. This room is an easy way to make your dollhouse look a little classier.

Outdoor Dollhouse Furniture

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Your beautiful dollhouse will be even more fascinating when you put some furniture items around the outside areas. Items such as patio furniture and porch swings distinguish your dollhouse from typical ones, and show the pride in details you take. Another benefit to outdoor furniture is that they bring some attention to the stunning exterior of your dollhouse

Dollhouse Music and Game Furniture

If you are looking to add some style and fun to your dollhouse, adding a music or game room is the way to go Music rooms, which could include a variety of instruments (some of which actually play music), give your home a feeling of culture and refinement. Adding a game room will not only be lots of fun to look at, talk about, and play with, it will also let your dollhouse seem inviting and realistic.

Dollhouse Nursery

No room in your dollhouse will be more sweet or nostalgic than a childrens room or nursery. Nurseries, with their sweet baby furniture, will convert your dollhouse into a tiny home. Depending on how you style it, childrens rooms can be lively or tranquil places, and you will love the childrens toys you can add (miniature picture books, little wagons, and even a dolls dollhouse.

Bedroom Furniture

The dollhouse bedroom is an essential room for your dollhouse. The options are tremendous, since there are so many designs, styles, furniture pieces, and colors available. Details you may find include beautifully made bedding and intricate carvings.

Dollhouse Bathrooms

Most dollhouse bathroom kits are pretty simple: they include a tub, a toilet, a sink, and sometimes a mirror. However, the materials used and colors and patterns available make dollhouse bathrooms as unique as any other room. Accessories also really give a lot of individuality to your dollhouse bathroomyou can add a towel rack, a few hygiene items, or a medicine cabinet, for example.

Kitchen Furniture

The variety within dollhouse kitchen sets is enormous: you can purchase just two or three necessary pieces, or you can choose a luxurious roomfuland everything in between If you are not going to have a separate dining room, be sure to get a table and chairsthey are must-haves for dollhouse make-believe Also, keep in mind that many of the most fun dollhouse accessories belong in the kitchen (pots and pans, dollhouse food, etc.), so make sure your kitchen will be able to display them.

Dollhouse Dining Room Furniture

Dining rooms will help to make your dollhouse look extremely elegantand/or extremely fun The majority of dining room sets are intended to look graceful and stylish; however, hand-painted or country-ish dining rooms give you another great option. This is a great area of your dollhouse to play make believewhether children are pretending to have company at dinner, or you are displaying a great tea set

Dollhouse Living Room

Whether you have a two-room cabin or a 15-room mansion, a living room is a must for your dollhouse. The array of material types, styles, and fabric patterns available makes living rooms the most diverse of any room in the dollhouse. Examine as many living room sets as you canthis room will make a big difference in identifying the characteristics of your dollhouse

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