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Knowing How To Choose The Right Tent And Watching The Weather


Victor Epand

Spending time together with your family is often one of the most important aspects of going on a family camping trip, but if you do not have the right equipment then there may be more family togetherness than anyone desires.

The number of campers that can fit in a tent is usually marked clearly on the tent, but it can often become confusing, especially when a two-person tent is designed to comfortably hold two campers, but this comfort level does not include two campers plus all of the camping items. Usually, the camping supplies and extra gear that you will need to remain outside if the two campers want to be comfortable within the two-person tent. With this in mind, traveling light is an option but choosing a slightly larger tent is probably a better option, especially if you prefer not to store all of your camping supplies outside.

The type of camping tent you want also depends on the grounds at the campsite at which you plan to camp. Many of the newer style tents come with a floor that provides a bug barrier to guard against any small critters on the ground when the tent is first set up. Tents without any such floor can always use an air mattress or you can put down a makeshift floor with a nylon or plastic tarp. Cots are also a great option for those desiring to camp off the floor, which also keeps sleeping campers off the immediate ground in the event any inclement weather comes their way. Tents, of course, come in many different sizes and some can hold an entire family while even offering divisions that create a multi-room tent and offer some privacy to campers. Multi-room tents are great options for parents who may want a little privacy from the younger campers or a private area to change clothing when other private spaces are not available.

It goes without saying that the easier a tent is to set up the better, because having to spend all of the first day at the campsite setting up can take away from some of the fun of camping in general. Most tents are fairly simple to set up, but some can be surprisingly complicated, which is because most tents include instructions, but as any camper knows the instructions are usually lost by the second trip so be sure the tent is a simple model to set up.

There is a difference between a storm and a rainy day, so if you are prepared and relaxed and intent on enjoying your camping experience, then even rain will not ruin your camping vacation. When camping with small children, the wet camping experience is different and less fun. It may be important to bring along a solar-powered radio and solar-powered flashlight. By having a radio on stormy, rainy days will make all the difference on a camping trip. You will want to tune in to the weather station and you will find out if the storm is temporary or will last for days, which will help you plan ahead. That is so much better than just having bad weather happen to you, especially if the rainy weather is just going to last for an hour or three, then you will know when you can rough it out and outlast the rain.

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Knowing How To Choose The Right Tent And Watching The Weather